My Mixed Emotions


I’m having all of these mixed emotions.  I am officially 3 days into the process.  I have been reading like crazy!!! It is definately a challenge mentally, physically and emotionally.   I mean, I know in the end this is going to be rewarding, but right now I’m happy, scared, excited, worried and overwhelemed all at the same time.

I’m happy about my choice, I do think this is an awesome thing for me to do.

I’m scared of the challenge-that I may end up relaxing my hair because it’s the easy thing to do.  I have gotten to know my hair in that form and it is easier for me to maintain.

I’m excited about the results. Yesterday I went through my calendar and marked my milestones and what I’m going to do for myself when I get to those points.

I’m worried about keeping a nice, clean hairstyle at all times. This will be the most difficult part of this journey just because I don’t know what my natural hair looks like (so strange to admit) and what the needs will be, but at the same time I’m pretty excited to get to know my hair.

I’m overwhelmed with all of the information and products that are out there. The texture of my hair-is it a 4a, b, or c or a combination of all 3? To poo or not to poo? What should my regimen be?  Ohhh em geeeee!!!

Anyway, this weekend I am taking a trip to Whole Foods and I am going to try a new method. One thing I do know and that is my hair is thirsty and it needs to be watered ASAP! The dryness is not a good look at all!!! So we are going to get that taken care of #1 on the list.

Til next time…Be blessesd~



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