2 Weeks In!!


Throw yo hands up in the sky!!! I’m 2 weeks in the game and I’m doing a pretty damn good job yo!

Man, I tell you it’s not to bad so far. I thought it would be difficult, but actually I’m doing pretty good. There is so much support out there, but I want to give special shout outs to two of my favorite blogger whom I continue to refer to when I just don’t know where else to turn and that’s Curly Nikki (same name) and Natural Chica! They always have what I need to push on through the voices of the many women whom have chosen to let their natural locks shine!

I don’t think I want to continue to use the word “journey” anymore, because to me,  journey kind of implies that this is going to be long and sometimes trying experience.  I want to call this my adventure! I find it to be fun and exciting and something new around every corner–new milestones, new look, new me (inside and out).

As for my hairstyles. I have been sticking to what I know best during the week (Roller sets and bantu-knot outs) and trying new things on the weekend (braids and twist). I’m slowly learning what is working for me; for example since I have to roll my hair when it is wet, rolling it in smaller sections helps it to dry faster.

Co-washing during the week and ACV rinse on the weekend is my cleansing method. In these two weeks, I have noticed that my hair is soft. It could be that I’m giving it a little more TLC than in the past.

Anyhow-that’s my first two weeks! So far, so good 😉


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