New Growth…WELL at least it seemed like a lot


Today I felt my hair and subconsciously said to myself  “ooohh I need a perm” not because I wanted to get one, but because I felt so much new growth and in all of my permed hair years as soon as I felt new growth “needing” a perm was the first thought that crossed my mind and calling my beautician to make an appointment shortly followed. This time, that was not the case.  Instead of calling a beautician I thought “no I don’t I just need to figure out how much my hair has grown since I’ve started.”

As soon as I got home today, I tried cutting a little bit of the permed hair off of a small section of my hair so that I could visibly see the new growth. I don’t think I was very successful at cutting it all because when I stretch it, it still seems like there is a little perm left on the hair. Anyways, if you look at my picture below you can tell where I am pulling my hair it still looks like perm is still there, but I cut about 3 inches off of that section (which, by the way is the front side of my hair that was really thinning out when I was putting perms in my hair, but just in this month of caring for my hair and since my last perm I have seen the hairline begin to form again).  You can kind of tell where the new growth is actually coming in now.

New Growth

I see a little new growth coming in! It's growing...I think 🙂

I have decided in October I will get my hair cut. OH NO NOT THE BC, but if an inch of new growth has grown, then I will cut an inch of my hair. I think I will keep doing that until A) All of my permed hair is gone or B) I decide to just go ahead an BC! We’ll see 🙂


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