STOP!! Put that towel down and use a t-shirt!!


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So until today I never realized how harsh terry cloth is for your hair.


Until this past month, I never realized how fragile my hair actually was. If you look at it, it looks so strong. I can manipulate it into so many different styles. It feels like it’s tough….so it is, right?

Nope, I was shocked to find out that my texture hair is like glass. Easy to break so one must handle with care. I have not been doing that, I mean for the most part I do try to maintain healthy hair however, the way that I had been treating my hair was just outrageous now that I have been doing all of this research.  Now, I’m not going to the extreme on any of this because I want new transitioners especially to be able to walk through the transition with me. One step at a time.

There is so much good information out there but it gets tough to dig through it all.  That can become very overwhelming. Hey it took me two weeks just to figure out what products to try first.

With all of that being said…


I didn’t realize that towel drying your hair could be rough on your curls. So, today when I washed my hair I used a t-shirt.  When I am completely natural, I am sure I will be doing more wash and go’s and will need a nice towel to dry my hair. So here is a link to Curls Like Us I am definitely going to try these towels next year.  I think that it is a great product and well thought out. During this transition period, I don’t think it’s worth it to buy and a t-shirt will suffice. July 2010 this will be one of my purchases 🙂

If anyone has tried it already, please let me know what you think!


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