Hair Regimen…and the Saga Continues


I am still trying to figure out the best hair regimen for me. I know this has been a topic of discussion plenty of times since I have started transitioning, but it is the toughest thing to do….figuring out what products are best for your hair and where to draw the line with buying too much.  Now, some of you out there are product junkies and I’m not knocking you. Some of us, can’t be product junkies. I don’t like the clutter! I’d rather try to do research and figure out the best products for me to try and go from there.

The key is to start off with your four basic steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Condition/Detangle
  3. Moisturize
  4. Seal
  5. Deep Condition

If you are having trouble trying to figure out what your hair regimen should be, don’t feel alone. Try, try again and when you get to know your hair you will soon figure it out.  Just know that as the seasons change, so will your regimen.  I know as soon as I figure out what works for me, I will have to change it up for the winter (which is right around the corner) but I’m prepared for that and hopefully by then I will know enough about what the essential ingredients do for your hair and how they operate in mine, that I will have an idea of the direction I should turn when trying to re-create the wheel.

Here is some great advice on how you can come up with your own regimen! And if you haven’t already, become a member of  Lots of great advice there!

NJoy 🙂


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