Mixing it up: Essential and Carrier Oils


When I read through blogs and watched vlogs I find that a lot of people show their natural hair recipes for condtioning and moisturizing the hair and the scalp.  However, I had a hard time trying to figure out what made someone choose one oil over another.  Sometimes there was an explaination…other times there was none. And by golly what is the obsession over this JOJOBA (pronounced \hə-ˈhō-bə\ OIL? How in the world do you know what oils to mix so that they will make the perfect combination for a fab hair product? Oh…the question and the answers keep a comin everyday with the natural hair adventure…but hey, that’s what make it so great!

Here’s a quickie for you newbies (like me) who want to know a little more about what these oils do for your hair.

First off there are two types of oils:

  • Essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils are fragrant oils that are actually the concentrated essence of the plant. Essential oils are light and do not feel like an oil, but they also evaporate quickly. Essential oils are usually added to a carrier oil to be applied to the hair.
  • are oily in texture and can be oil from a seed, fruit, vegetable or nut. Different oils present different opportunities for the hair to be nourished with the unique nutrients present in each. They help to moisturize dry hair.
  • Basil: Oily hair. Promotes hair growth (essential)
  • Chamomile: Fine to normal hair.Gives golden highlights (essential)
  • Rose: Sooths scalp (essential)
  • Rosemary: Oily hair. Treatment for dandruff and promotes hair growth (essential)
  • Peppermint: Dry hair. Promotes hair growth. Reduces itching and irritation (essential)
  • Avocado/Avocado Oil: Way to get multiple nutrients into your hair and promote hair growth (carrier)
  • Castor Seed Oil: Vegetable humectant (meaning it holds on to water molecules) and  has antibacterial properties for a clean scalp which promotes growth and added thickness in places where hair is starting to thin (carrier)
  • Jojoba Oil: Great for damaged ends (carrier)
  • EVOO (xtra virgin olive oil): Great pre-conditioning and good for a hot oil treatment which gives soft, smooth and strong hair results (carrier)
  • Tea Tree Oil: Treatment for dry scalp and dandruff anti-fungal properties (essential)
  • Honey: A sweet treat for the hair. A humectant and when mixed with another oil (EVOO) and heated can make the hair shine.
  • Shea Butter: Is a fatty acid reduces the amount of water lost in the hair. This is why it is known as a sealant. It helps keep the moisture in. (carrier)
  • Coconut Oil; Also helps keep moisture in the hair
  • Aloe Juice/Oil: Ads moisture to the hair and it is absorbed into the hair strands (carrier)
  • Grapefruit Oil: Promotes hair growth (essential)
  • Vegetable Glycerin: Attracts water to itself aids in holding in moisture. Combine with water or aloe juice for a nice spritz
  • Almond Oil: Full of vitamin E, sweet almond oil is good for aiding dandruff, falling hair, strengthens hair and smooths hair cuticles (carrier)
  • Grape seed Oil: Adds shine and moisture to your hair rich in vitamins (carrier)

Get your complete list of carrier oils

Get your complete list of essential oils

When making your own oil conditioning treatment use 4 tablespoons of carrier oil per drop of essential oil for a strongly aromatic blend when mixing your own oil conditioner recipe. To make a hot oil treatment, mix your oils and place them in a plastic container or bag. Place in hot tap water for one minute. After normal shampooing, coat your hair with the oil and let it set for 5 – 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then cool water. Repeat to treat severely damaged hair.

Really hope this helps you with choosing the right oils and trying to figure out your own hair conditioners and mixtures 🙂

N.Joy 🙂


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