Still Going Strong! What I’ve Noticed thus far

  1. Most importantly my hair is healthy! Not only have I noticed, but others have noticed as well
  2. No split ends! I have been transitioning for almost 3 months now, but the last time I got my hair trimmed was over 4 months ago and I usually get my ends trimmed whenever I would get my hair permed. You could tell I needed the trim because I had split ends everywhere.
  3. My hair isn’t falling out everywhere! Every time I would sweep my bathroom floor there would be hair all over the place. My hair would shed like a cat in the summertime. CRAZY! Aside from the hair that comes out while de-tangling, I have no other shedding going on.
  4. Which brings me to thicker hair! Boy my hair is thick! When I first started this process I called my mom and asked her if she remembers what my hair was like before I permed it and she replied “ooh girl you had some thick hair!” I’m finding that out!
  5. I don’t have that cute curly texture that I was hoping for (3a) but I’m learning that my hair doesn’t have to have all of the silky fine curls to be beautiful, it just has to be healthy!
  6. I have scab hair around the edges, but I’m working through it by adding more moisture in that area.
  7. Everyday is an ok hair day, as long as you work with your hair and not against it! Making your hair do what it doesn’t want to do is like rubbing a dogs hair forward when it is supposed to go backwards…a whole bunch of unruliness!
  8. The perm was the culprit!!! My hair had started to thin and fall out around the edges, I thought my hair was going bald in those areas! NO BUDDY! That creamy crack was taking my hair out because it is growing like a weed in those areas!
  9. My hair loves moisture!
  10. Gentleness is key! All of that brushing and combing and pulling and curling my hair was killing it softly! Treating my hair with care has proved to go a long way so far. It has grown 2 inches in 2 months…I think that says a lot alone!

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