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  1. Hi NJoy,

    Hope you’re cool,

    I have found all black women in the media and in our communities to be of great inspiration to me.

    I was somewhat saddened by Jill Scott perming her hair though…..after all that glorious natural crown of beauty.

    She was such a role model….in that respect and it made her so much more relateable. She’s still a ledgend….I know this, but we really need black women in the media to hold that glowing tourch for us, since so many are looking for guidance back to self love and acceptance.


    • I couldn’t agree more! Maybe she will see how many of us adored her natural locks and come back around! I loved her hair natural! It complimented her so well!
      Thank you so much for coming by my blog and subscribing 🙂 I really like going to yours as well :O)

      • Your welcome, Nikki,

        I travel to the States now and then.

        When I come back out there….which places would you recommend I go for some great hair products for natural hair?


  2. Any health food store has great natural products for natural hair. You can try a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. If you ever come to Cincinnati you should go to Jungle Jim’s that place is absolutely amazing! You can also find great hair products at a Sally’s beauty supply. Let me know when you come back I will def. help you navigate 🙂

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