I’m still truckin along…


I’m still in it for the long haul. Just incase any of you were wondering. I get so many complements on my hair styles, it is ridiculous! I didn’t really realize how many people love natural hair. It is so beautiful and unique. No two hair styles are alike and you stand out no matter what.

I made my hair appointment for October 22, 2010 that will mark the beginning of my 4th month of transitioning. I am still unsure of what will happen on that day. Originally I planned to transition a complete year before making the big chop, however now that I am starting to see and feel my curls, I can’t wait to see what it will look like. I’ve never had a TWA before and the only thing bad about getting one now would be the fact that it is getting cold outside. 

My stylist is one that I trust completely (so that is awesome) and I know that she will advise me on the best option for my hair.

Here is what I am suggesting:

  1. Cut off the same amount of permed hair as the hair that has grown (new growth). In other words if I have 3 inches of new growth, I need to cut off 3 inches of permed hair.
  2. Only cut the dead ends (I don’t have any split ends surprisingly) and just let it all continue to grow unless I start to see major breakage-which I haven’t seen yet.
  3. Go ahead and do the BC!!

I know many of you might be shouting “BC! BC! BC!!!” I don’t know, we will see. I haven’t ruled any one thing out at this point and today I’m up for anything. Tomorrow might not be the same! I don’t want to have any regrets in this process. I want to go at my own pace, as all transitioners should. I’m having so much fun learning about my hair and testing new products and trying new things.

Well, anyways! I’m happy to have begun my third month of transitioning. I am not turning back! I am too happy to be nappturally njoyable! :O)


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  1. I know exactly what you’re going through! I had people saying not to cut it, or saying to just chop it all off! Needless to say I wasn’t happy until it was all gone! But you’ll know the right moment! I transitioned almost a year, and that was one long year, but it paid off in the end. You’ll know when you’re ready! Good luck, and happy transitioning!!! 🙂

    • You look good with your natural hair too! I love it! I look at photos like yours and think “yeah, I can go ahead and do it” then I think, man my head might not be as cute as hers! LOL!

  2. BC! BC! BC! lol.. No I do understand some ladies have to transition bit by bit. It was TRAUMATIZING the first time I did a BC because it was kinda an accident (I plan to post about it on my blog eventually because I keep mentioning it). Anyway I grew up never cutting/trimming more than an inch at a time. So when I had to chop off hair that was past my shoulders down to an inch.. looooorrrrdddd i cried and did everything to prevent it.. Then I hated it cus it was new growth plus washed perm all in about 2 inches… I looked like a fuzzy bear =o) So I get it… but I came to love it enough to did it a couple times again before locking. Anyway, do whats best for you either way and I wish you luck on your journey =o)

    • LMBO! I am so torn between the two! It is crazy. Permed hair is like an old boyfriend you hate but you aren’t quiet ready to let go! LOL…you know it’s better on the other side, but you are just holding on to what you know. The BC will come…it may come this month, it may come later. I’m still up in the air. Thanks so much for stopping by! :O) I’ll keep you posted! :O)

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