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MBC (Mini Big Chop)


No ya’ll I didn’t chicken out! I just decided- along with my fabulous hair stylist- to transition a little bit longer. Three more months to be exact. So now I have a B.C. date of January 28, 2011! Way to bring in the NEW YEAR!!

So, what I did end up doing (for those of who might be slightly concerned) is a mini big chop (MBC) I cut off half of my hair. About 3 inches to be exact. I only have about 6 inches left and 3 of those inches are natural. I am happy with my decision. I was completely prepared to cut it all off if she suggested that that was the best option, but honestly she complimented me on how I had been taking care of my hair because it is “very healthy”!  For that compliment, I have my natural hair community to thank.  It is because of your posts, videos and comments that I have been able to keep this going.

I can’t wait to have a full head of naturally kinky-curly hair! I’m gonna rock it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread! HA!

Well my natural diva’s I’ll keep you posted and I will post some pictures of my new do soon (although I basically look the same length so there will be no comparison there 😦 )

Holla atcha,



3 Months…ALREADY!!!


I can’t believe I made it 3 months! But of course I said that at my 1 month mark and 2 month mark as well! I know it has been a while, but I have had hella drama on this side of the tracks, but its all good now! However, it is amazing how when you get caught up in life you want to find a way to detangle yourself from whatever it is that has you locked up and for me, the best way to do that is by changing the one thing I can always have control over (for the most part)…MY HAIR OF COURSE!

Now, I think I will do the BC! I know I have been going back and forth on whether or not I should go ahead and let it all go, but I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad idea…besides, what better time is it than now to see how fabulous I will look in a TWA!

I feel like there are reasons that I want to hold on to my hair for just a little bit longer and they are as follows:

  1. Afraid I won’t look right
  2. Not a lot of styling options
  3. It’s getting pretty cold outside (and it will be getting colder I’m in the mid-west)
  4. What will other people say (well that one isn’t such a big deal to me)
  5. I will miss having hair on my head
  6. What will happen as it starts to grow out
  7. I have scab hair, so it might look pretty bad when I cut it in the beginning

On the other hand:

  1. It’s time for a change
  2. I can always wear a cute scarf on my head
  3. Not too much maintainance in the beginning
  4. I’m running out of ways to style my hair
  5. The two textures are beginning to be a bit much to handle
  6. I think I will have fun with the “new me”
  7. I need to let go of some negativity in my life and I think it can begin by letting go of the bad ends! 🙂

Well, I have an appointment on Friday (which I almost cancelled, but it’s still on) and I will have pictures to post very soon too! I still don’t know what will happen when I go, so I won’t promise anything; however I do know that I’m leaning towards the BC 70% right about now!

Stay tuned because there’s more to see….

Book Review: Thank God I’m Natural


Book Review: Thank God I'm Natural

Reading will always get you through any adventure. I have been reading tons of your blog posts everyday and they are all encouraging! I love the stories, the advice, the realness!

I read a book a couple of weeks ago called Thank God I’m Natural by Chris-Tia E. Donaldson. This is a great, easy-to-read book for anyone trying to figure out what it truly means to be natural.  There are so many stereotypes when it comes to women wanting to rock their natural tresses.  She goes through and explains the process for every natural and transition hair styles from a simple twist-out to sister locks. I like this book especially because she tells her own story of becoming natural and the obstacles she would encounter and decisions she would have to make especially when it came time to rock her natural look in the corporate universe.

It’s complete with the natural hair dictionary and everything.  Like I said, this book is a great beginners guide. It’s simple;  no crazy jargon to get you confused. It’s straight to the point and it leaves you wanting to get to know your hair.  Even if you have been natural for a while, it’s a good book to read.


Book Review: Curly Like Me

Next on the list is Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long and Strong by Teri LaFlesh

Check out her story here.  Her hair type is not at all close to mine, I believe she is in the 3’s and I’m def. a 4b or c, but I think our goal remains the same no matter what and that is to grow and maintain naturally long, healthy tresses! I would love to for you to recommend any good books or blogs for me to check out!