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Cutting off the Ends


Hair Growth 5 months

Last week I started working out with my friend! I am so super proud of myself. Granted the first day I started my workout plan we were hungry but too tired to make dinner so we ordered a pizza from Papa John’s…don’t judge me! LOL I will get to working on my meal plan next week…baby steps my dear, baby steps!

Anywho, I started working out in the evenings and the sweat is def. good for the hair. I told you guys about the new wig that I am wearing while at work so I am not co-washing my hair as often as I was during the warmer months (every other day almost compared to every week now).  So yesterday when I washed my hair I started playing with my new growth and trying to measure it with a ruler. Then I got to a point where I was just like whatever I’m going to cut it this way I can really measure my growth!  So I did and to my surprise I had quite a bit of natural hair after the permed hair was gone.  I could even do a two-strand twist with the hair. I love the texture too! It is so cool. I already know when I cut it all off I’m probably going to acquire the “hands in the hair” problem because I can’t stop touching it!

I measured it at 3 1/4 inches.  Black hair, like other types of hair, grows an average of a 1/2 inch per month. Some people think our hair grows slower because the coily nature of black hair makes it harder to see that it’s growing. The hair shrinks up and doesn’t show its real length unless it’s stretched out. 

I have been on my adventure since the end of July and I am going on 5 months next week [insert pat on the back here].  So, my hair has grown the approximate 1/2 inch per month…perhaps a little bit more! I can’t emphasise enough how much this adventure has changed my LIFE-STYLE!


I’m Wiggin it! You Diggin it?


Yep, yep yall! I got a wig! I love it and it’s so easy to manage and maintain. I found that I was having to do more to my hair in the winter months, but it is sooo cold here in O-HI-O and I figure my wig can act dully as a “hat” to keep my head warm LOL and to keep me stylish! If you are anything like me, in the winter it takes me forever to get up-I wait to the last minute, so this is an easy solution!

Underneath my wig I am keeping my hair very moisturized. I use a silk cap on my head instead of the normal stocking cap to keep it from rubbing up against my hair. My hair is braided underneath. I usually braid following my wash and I put a little oil (either castor oil or coconut oil) in order to retain moisture. Since I have a curly wig, I braid the front of my hair a little bit smaller and then take it out so that it will have the same wavy texture as the wig.  This way I don’t have to use heat to curl my hair or straighten it so that it blends in with the wig.

This is a full wig. I put the wig on my head and take a rat-tail comb and pull pieces of the front out  and blend it in with the front of the wig. I hate it when you can tell by looking at the front of someone’s head that they are wearing a wig.

I think I will wear it all winter long and on the weekends I plan on trying the head wrap thing! I love scarfs!!! This way I can give my hair a break from all of the manipulation it takes in order to keep a transition style up.  This can be a protective style. Most protective styles like micro braids and sew-in weaves do a lot more damage to my hair than good (hence the reason I decided to go natural in the first place)

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any other suggestions for winter styles…let a sista know! 🙂

N.Joy 🙂

Breaking News: The Natural Hair Movement is Taking Ova Y’all


I was reading Curly Nikki and came across a post about a reporter in Florida that decided to get the big chop! It was both enlightening and inspiring because she brought to light the insecurities many women of color have when making the decision to be natural. I will admit that there have been times during my adventure that I have thought about going back to the creamy crack. Let’s be honest, it is easier to have your hair straight especially when you are going through the transition. However the long-term effects are much more painful to think about.

I have worked in the news business and appearance is EVERYTHING! It took a lot of courage for her to take the big step in front of an audience and I commend her for her courage and congratulate her on her experience. If you haven’t watched this report, you should watch it NOW!

The natural thing isn’t for everyone, but I personally think that everyone should try it especially if you have ever had chemical burns, hair loss, excessive split ends and increased hair damage.  I have plenty of bad hair days believe me! But when I think about giving up I take deep breaths and read some of my favorite blogs (you will see to your left) there is so much inspiration out there. I even notice more natural sistas on television commercials and magazine ads and the look is phenomenal.

If you didn’t know, now you know…natural is lovely! I love being me…Naturally Njoyable!

N.Joy 🙂

Some Pictures of Muah!!


So, it’s truely been a long time! Thank you for still coming by to check on me! Just know that although I have been on a mini-hiatus from my blog, I have been taking really good care of my locks! I share my experience with anyone who will listen AND I have even convinced one of my girl-friends to go natural too!

Let me tell you, this is the best decision I have made as far as my hair is concerned.  So here’s to the adventure and I hope you all are still having tons of fun on yours!

N.Joy 🙂