Breaking News: The Natural Hair Movement is Taking Ova Y’all


I was reading Curly Nikki and came across a post about a reporter in Florida that decided to get the big chop! It was both enlightening and inspiring because she brought to light the insecurities many women of color have when making the decision to be natural. I will admit that there have been times during my adventure that I have thought about going back to the creamy crack. Let’s be honest, it is easier to have your hair straight especially when you are going through the transition. However the long-term effects are much more painful to think about.

I have worked in the news business and appearance is EVERYTHING! It took a lot of courage for her to take the big step in front of an audience and I commend her for her courage and congratulate her on her experience. If you haven’t watched this report, you should watch it NOW!

The natural thing isn’t for everyone, but I personally think that everyone should try it especially if you have ever had chemical burns, hair loss, excessive split ends and increased hair damage.  I have plenty of bad hair days believe me! But when I think about giving up I take deep breaths and read some of my favorite blogs (you will see to your left) there is so much inspiration out there. I even notice more natural sistas on television commercials and magazine ads and the look is phenomenal.

If you didn’t know, now you know…natural is lovely! I love being me…Naturally Njoyable!

N.Joy 🙂


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