I’m Wiggin it! You Diggin it?


Yep, yep yall! I got a wig! I love it and it’s so easy to manage and maintain. I found that I was having to do more to my hair in the winter months, but it is sooo cold here in O-HI-O and I figure my wig can act dully as a “hat” to keep my head warm LOL and to keep me stylish! If you are anything like me, in the winter it takes me forever to get up-I wait to the last minute, so this is an easy solution!

Underneath my wig I am keeping my hair very moisturized. I use a silk cap on my head instead of the normal stocking cap to keep it from rubbing up against my hair. My hair is braided underneath. I usually braid following my wash and I put a little oil (either castor oil or coconut oil) in order to retain moisture. Since I have a curly wig, I braid the front of my hair a little bit smaller and then take it out so that it will have the same wavy texture as the wig.  This way I don’t have to use heat to curl my hair or straighten it so that it blends in with the wig.

This is a full wig. I put the wig on my head and take a rat-tail comb and pull pieces of the front out  and blend it in with the front of the wig. I hate it when you can tell by looking at the front of someone’s head that they are wearing a wig.

I think I will wear it all winter long and on the weekends I plan on trying the head wrap thing! I love scarfs!!! This way I can give my hair a break from all of the manipulation it takes in order to keep a transition style up.  This can be a protective style. Most protective styles like micro braids and sew-in weaves do a lot more damage to my hair than good (hence the reason I decided to go natural in the first place)

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any other suggestions for winter styles…let a sista know! 🙂

N.Joy 🙂


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