Cutting off the Ends


Hair Growth 5 months

Last week I started working out with my friend! I am so super proud of myself. Granted the first day I started my workout plan we were hungry but too tired to make dinner so we ordered a pizza from Papa John’s…don’t judge me! LOL I will get to working on my meal plan next week…baby steps my dear, baby steps!

Anywho, I started working out in the evenings and the sweat is def. good for the hair. I told you guys about the new wig that I am wearing while at work so I am not co-washing my hair as often as I was during the warmer months (every other day almost compared to every week now).  So yesterday when I washed my hair I started playing with my new growth and trying to measure it with a ruler. Then I got to a point where I was just like whatever I’m going to cut it this way I can really measure my growth!  So I did and to my surprise I had quite a bit of natural hair after the permed hair was gone.  I could even do a two-strand twist with the hair. I love the texture too! It is so cool. I already know when I cut it all off I’m probably going to acquire the “hands in the hair” problem because I can’t stop touching it!

I measured it at 3 1/4 inches.  Black hair, like other types of hair, grows an average of a 1/2 inch per month. Some people think our hair grows slower because the coily nature of black hair makes it harder to see that it’s growing. The hair shrinks up and doesn’t show its real length unless it’s stretched out. 

I have been on my adventure since the end of July and I am going on 5 months next week [insert pat on the back here].  So, my hair has grown the approximate 1/2 inch per month…perhaps a little bit more! I can’t emphasise enough how much this adventure has changed my LIFE-STYLE!


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