6 Months


I have reached my 6 month mark.  I am absolutely proud of myself to getting to this point successfully. Just think…6 more months and I will have reached my 1 year mark!

I know that this coming Friday is supposed to be my BC date, but because of snow days in O-HI-O I have had to change some things around in my schedule. So the new date will be February 4th! I’m ready for it though!

What I have learned during my transition:

1. Patience, is indeed a virtue

2. Be kind to your hair and it will be kind to you

3. Yes, your diet does matter. What you put into your body def. shines outwardly

4. Take the time to read and understand your hair strands.

5. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy healthy and beautiful hair.

6.  Stick with a product through its entirety in order to get a true feel of how your hair reacts to your current product versus the new product. I suggest this as a way to steer away from product junkism and as a way to really get to know your hair.

7. When you find something good. Stick to it!

8. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!

9. Protect, Protect, Protect

10. Comb only when wet!

While you are transitioning, you really get to know your hair and if the whole natural process is really right for you. If you continue to think that you need to put a perm in your hair because you can’t handle the “naps” then you need to go ahead back to the crack cream because you are not ready for the change. You end up doing more harm to your hair than good when you constantly use heat and products to “stretch” your curls or gels to lay your hair flat. There’s no point in all of that.

During my transition I have noticed less breakage and less dandruff.  Gone are the days when I had to sweep my bathroom floor every other day because of all the hair that had fallen out after a combing session.  My hair itches less and there is less dandruff most likely because there is far less irritation to my scalp. I owe it all to the use of better products and really treating my hair with care.

Misconceptions that I have gotten over. My hair is not as strong as it looks.  When I handle my hair, I handle it as if it is fine china.  Very durable, yet fragile at the same time. You have to keep it clean, protected and moisturized.

My favorite lesson is that MY HAIR IS NATURALLY CURLY (or wavy) and it is GOOD HAIR!


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