Attention Transitioners: How to Make Your Braid-Out/Twist-Out Last


OK, now many of you probably already know the secret…but I have only discovered it this week! SMH! So, for those of you that might be a little bit slow on catching on to certain hair maintaining tips (such as myself) here is a little trick on how to make your twist-outs and braid-outs last!

So…first here is a picture of my hair on day one of the twist-out

Now here is a picture from day four of the twist-out

I still look hella fly, if I might say so myself 🙂  So what did I do?


Day One:

Hot oil treatment

Co-washed hair

Detangled with leave-in conditioner

Divided hair into 4 sections (this works wonders I advise anyone who is detangling and/or styling their hair to divide your hair into sections and work one section at a time. It is less painful and it makes the job a lot less stressful)

Twisted hair with coconut oil and kinky-curly knot today (or styling gel of your choice) starting with the back section.

Then roll the ends with the perm rods.


Day two

Take a spray bottle filled with water and vegetable glycerin and work re-twist hair (the hair is still pretty conditioned from the previous day so there was no need to put extra conditioner in the hair. When I re-wet my hair, I could feel the conditioner coming back to life.)

After twist, then I put the perm-rods at the end


Day 3

I used the spray bottle with the water and vegetable glycerin mix and twisted each section. Today, as I twisted I rolled it up right away because I found that the ends were a little scraggly after taking the twist out this morning and I think it was because they were not as tight because I didn’t totally re-wet my hair, only spritzed it. No conditioners were used.


Day 4

Took my twist out with a little jojoba oil on my fingers to give it a little more shine. Perfect! The entire day!!! Looks good as the first day!

So, What was I doing before? LOL! I would just wrap my hair up in a silk scarf or bonnet and the next morning my twist-out would be so flat and dry and life-less. In order for my hair to get the life and “freshness” back I would have to co-wash and re-twist or braid my hair again. So I was literally doing my hair (washing it) every other day. In the winter it was too cold to do all of that, so I would just braid my hair back and wear a wig which kept my hair filled with moisture and my ends protected.  It worked for me too, but not like this! I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this all along, but I wish I had been! I guess I was thinking that the twist or braid-outs wouldn’t turn out as nice if I were to do it over while it was dry.  I was thinking that it would come out looking weird because the hair would have different patterns. But, that’s obviously not true and me knowing this before would’ve saved me a whole lot of time. At the same time, trail and error only gives me the opportunity to learn more about my hair! Likes and dislikes.

Hope this helps you out 🙂

P.S. Day 3 is the best way to go!


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