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Black Hair  Articles


Black Hair  Articles.


It has been a month since my BIG CHOP and honestly my attitude towards my hair has made a 360 degree turn.  Initially I was taken back by it, a couple of days later I began to get use to it and accept it and now I’m completely in love with my hair. I am so proud of it and I have watched myself grow more confident as a person and I am very happy with my new look and new me!

I have a whole new perspective and I have a whole new style.  I am really going to start trying to blog a little bit more because what I have found to help me through this is finding different people that are in or have been in the same stage as I am in during my journey and taking some of their hair tips. So the purpose and the life of my blog might be changing up a bit. It’s always been about the adventure, but now more or less about tips, healthy hair and loving your own hair types.


Bare with me as I continue to try to bring you all the best styles and inspiration as I can.

In the meantime, njoy the healthy hair article above.



NJoy 🙂


Tangled and Teased


So this dog-on Tangle Teezer has got me all tangled over if I should buy or if I should not.

OK, so while I was transitioning this Tangle Teezer hit the blogs big time! Everyone was talking about how awesome this little brush was on our natural hair. Demonstrations where everywhere I turned and give-aways where popping up out of the woodworks!!! I mean this thing is best invention since sliced bread (as my mother likes to say).

Take a look at one of the videos that I found to be very attractive:

OK, makes you wanna go get one, eh?! I was still transitioning when I first came across this product. I was at Sally’s trying to find a good leave-in condish to try and came across the oh so mighty Tangle Teezer <insert the angelic voices singing “ahhhh” here>!  I grabbed it, but decided to wait until I was fully natural. I was glad that I knew where I could find it AND it was only $10, so I would come back and get it if I felt it necessary.

This past weekend I go to Sally’s and look high and low for my Tangle Teezer…it could not be found! I had the lady call around to the surrounding stores–they were all OUT!!! Evidently these little teezers were selling like hotcakes! The next shipment wouldn’t come in until Tuesday (which is today) so I would call and see if they received a new shipment.


I come across this Curly Nikki post, in which she says that the teezer was just that A TEASE!!! It detangled and shredded her hair at the same time 😦

Then just today I came across another post by the Natural Haven, that didn’t give the teezer too many great reviews either. O’Well, at least I haven’t bought one yet. I am still looking around at the reviews from the rest of you.

I’ve been teased! I was so excited to try this because detangling natural hair is a lot different than when your hair is in a transition stage.  I will say that I’m glad I waited.