Black Hair  Articles


Black Hair  Articles.


It has been a month since my BIG CHOP and honestly my attitude towards my hair has made a 360 degree turn.  Initially I was taken back by it, a couple of days later I began to get use to it and accept it and now I’m completely in love with my hair. I am so proud of it and I have watched myself grow more confident as a person and I am very happy with my new look and new me!

I have a whole new perspective and I have a whole new style.  I am really going to start trying to blog a little bit more because what I have found to help me through this is finding different people that are in or have been in the same stage as I am in during my journey and taking some of their hair tips. So the purpose and the life of my blog might be changing up a bit. It’s always been about the adventure, but now more or less about tips, healthy hair and loving your own hair types.


Bare with me as I continue to try to bring you all the best styles and inspiration as I can.

In the meantime, njoy the healthy hair article above.



NJoy 🙂


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