How I Ended Up Here!


So, I’m coming up on a year since I last permed my hair…

A brief overview of my ADVENTURE:

  • I decided to transition following a really bad weave/hair loss situation. Wanted to give my hair a break.
  • Started thinking about going natural after several people told me that giving my hair a break would make it not only healthier, but it would grow.
  • Looked into the possibility of going natural through youtube videos, natural hair sites, forums and fotki
  • Got super duper excited and decided to give it a try
  • Thought I would transition for a year, but ended up doing my BC after 7 months


  • Went to the salon a week ago and my stylist told me my hair was extremely healthy (a huge compliment coming from someone who has been in your head for almost 8 years now). She did cut it shorter than I would have liked her to, but I guess I’ll get over it in another 3 months or so
  • Lots of compliments
  • More confidence
  • Healthier lifestyle- continuing to workout, eat healthy and I feel empowered ~ you know, Angela Davis-like LOL
  • Hair that always looks good-rain, sleet or heat my style is always sleek 🙂

There are the haters though: 

  • The un-naturalfied chicks still addicted to that crack will make little stupid remarks like:

“Girl, I just put a perm in my hair it feels sooo good”

“You make me wanna go into the Color Purple song ‘me and you will neva part'”

To those comments, I just shrug them off as jealousy and more or less the fact they must not be comfortable with what they were naturally given.  And move on. I have received more compliments and support than anything!

It’s been awesome! The best decision I have made so far…

And the saga continues 🙂


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