Now How ‘Bout this Blowout!!!


I had already planned on washing my hair today so afterwards I decided that it would also be a great idea to blow dry (or as us curly girls call it “blowout) my hair to see how big my afro has gotten over the past couple of months.  The first picture is from my BC (big chop) which was on Feb. 4, 2011; the second picture is from April 2011 and the last photo is from today!  Come a long way!!!

Feb. 2011
April 2011
January 2012
I absolutely ❤ my afro! However, I am trying to keep my hair in a protective style until mid-February, that is when I am going to get it straightened again.  I am trying to do as much as I can to protect my ends especially and retain growth over the next month and a half.  So, here is the style that I am currently wearing: 
I really like the twist because I can do so much with them without damaging my hair.  I plan on keeping this style for two weeks then taking it out for a week and twisting again for two weeks before going to get my ends trimmed and my hair flat ironed.
I will explain in detail in a later post…just thought I’d share my style and what I did today 🙂
🙂 N.Joy

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