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Funny FAhRiD@y


Today’s Funny Friday (FAhRiD@y) is brought to you by….

SH!t Black Girls say!!

This is funny…and I do say some of this sh!t too…

Like “gurl <side eye> look at her shoes”  or
“did you see basketball wives?” LOL!
“that’s my song” LMBO!


🙂 N.Joy




Oh, and after you watch, be sure to educate yourself too. Who knows, you may agree with the SOPA’s and the PIP’s (I know it’s PIPA PIP’s just seemed right for the time being :D) or agree to disagree…whateva the case maybe you should understand what is going on behind closed doors, especially now that the walls are thin enough for us to listen in 🙂

Funny Friday :D


OH KAY confession! So, I get lost in the world of youtube.  I go just to look around and OMG 3 hours later and I’m still watching videos…umph umph umph!

Some people are just so funny. I just have to share my njoyment..after all the purpose of this blog is to have fun!!!

Hence the creation of “Funny Friday’s” cause by the end of the week we all could use a good laugh!

Today’s Funny Friday is brought to you by @Tracemae she makes my day every time I go to her channel!!

🙂 N.Joy