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Random thoughts about my hair adventure :)



Oh, and after you watch, be sure to educate yourself too. Who knows, you may agree with the SOPA’s and the PIP’s (I know it’s PIPA PIP’s just seemed right for the time being :D) or agree to disagree…whateva the case maybe you should understand what is going on behind closed doors, especially now that the walls are thin enough for us to listen in 🙂


Funny Friday :D


OH KAY confession! So, I get lost in the world of youtube.  I go just to look around and OMG 3 hours later and I’m still watching videos…umph umph umph!

Some people are just so funny. I just have to share my njoyment..after all the purpose of this blog is to have fun!!!

Hence the creation of “Funny Friday’s” cause by the end of the week we all could use a good laugh!

Today’s Funny Friday is brought to you by @Tracemae she makes my day every time I go to her channel!!

🙂 N.Joy

It’s a New Year! Change is Here!!!!


It’s a new year and I am exited about what is to come. Although I really don’t know what is ahead, I do know that I am making some new commitments and I am really exited to see them play out.

One thing I want to do new this year is projects.  I have found myself surfing the web a lot lately and reading a lot of magazines with creative ideas that I want to try.  I consider myself someone who is crafty, but not because I come up with ideas myself, but because I am inspired by others to create things.  So, this year I’m going to take the ideas that I have been saving on bookmarks and pintrest and bring them to life.  Living it up in the real world. Books on my “read list” will be cracked open.  I just want to do a little more.

As far as my natural hair adventure, I am rolling strong.  I have found what works for me and I continue to see so much progress.  I absolutely love my hair.  I can remember being a teenager wanting my hair to be as healthy as it was when I was younger, but no matter what I did I could not obtain  the health or the length that I wanted.  I will continue to grow in this area as well and record my progress and share what I stumble upon with all who may be interested.

Basically what I am getting at is this:

I am evolving and as a result the purpose of this blog is going to evolve as well.  I love to write, but I want to make sure its fun, interesting and relevant to those that stop by.  I want you to have as much fun looking through my site as I do writing,  As I discover and try new things that I find, I will share with all of you and hopefully you will NJoy as much as I do.

What you will find here are lots of fun crafts, inspiration and ideas on everything from hair, fashion, beauty and style.

Welcome to Naturally NJoyable

🙂 NJoy

3 Months Later





My last post was in July and here we are…almost through October. In July, my hair was cut about 2-3 inches and I was so upset. Well I’m pleased that my hair is back to the length it was before the unexpected trim/chop. And I’m happy because it has a cute shape because of the chop. My hair routine its so simple and my products are so inexpensive.
With natural hair becoming more of a trend it is hard to determine at times what is right for YOU and I’ve found it and I’m so excited about that! I will share details in an upcoming post (I plan to write more frequently :/)

Til them njoy these pics  ❤




I just want to take this opportunity to vent.  Hopefully if I get this off of my chest I will stop waking up upset about it.

So, I went to get my hair straightened and TRIMMED (please note TRIMMED is the key word here) and came out of the salon with a CUT!!

See picture of me smiling on the outside:

Before I went my hair looked like this:

This above picture was taken 2 days before I went to the salon. Now, I did ask for my hair to be trimmed if needed, but for some reason that sounded like cut to her! I am so upset. I have been going to the same person for almost 8 years and she knew that I was growing my hair out, but why would she cut it? I just don’t know. I am sooo upset soo upset.  About 2 inches is gone from the back.

On the bright side, it is in a cute little style, but 2 inches is almost 4 months of growth gone down the drain. The top part has about an inch that has been cut, so it’s not horrible.

I know this sounds vain, but to me this is what we call a SETBACK because curly girls we know that we work hard for our locks to retain length and the effort it takes to wash, co-wash, condition, detangle is all such a tedious that when something like this happens it hurts the heart because all our hard work is literally being thrown in the trash.

So, now I have a new growth challenge and that is have my hair (the front at least) back to the length it was pre-CUT by September at least and the rest back to normal length by November. I will admit, after she cut the ruff ends off my hair (which is what I was going to get done to begin with MAYBE  a half an inch) my curls fall so lightly and they are more defined.

I know that I will ONLY be letting her flat-iron my hair from now on and I am going to be searching all over youtube for instructions on how to cut my ends!!! I tell you, you only get one chance to mess up on my head!! ONE CHANCE!! But she has been good a long time, so I will go back–but no more scissors for her! 😦

Have you ever experienced a setback? How did you handle it?

How I Ended Up Here!


So, I’m coming up on a year since I last permed my hair…

A brief overview of my ADVENTURE:

  • I decided to transition following a really bad weave/hair loss situation. Wanted to give my hair a break.
  • Started thinking about going natural after several people told me that giving my hair a break would make it not only healthier, but it would grow.
  • Looked into the possibility of going natural through youtube videos, natural hair sites, forums and fotki
  • Got super duper excited and decided to give it a try
  • Thought I would transition for a year, but ended up doing my BC after 7 months


  • Went to the salon a week ago and my stylist told me my hair was extremely healthy (a huge compliment coming from someone who has been in your head for almost 8 years now). She did cut it shorter than I would have liked her to, but I guess I’ll get over it in another 3 months or so
  • Lots of compliments
  • More confidence
  • Healthier lifestyle- continuing to workout, eat healthy and I feel empowered ~ you know, Angela Davis-like LOL
  • Hair that always looks good-rain, sleet or heat my style is always sleek 🙂

There are the haters though: 

  • The un-naturalfied chicks still addicted to that crack will make little stupid remarks like:

“Girl, I just put a perm in my hair it feels sooo good”

“You make me wanna go into the Color Purple song ‘me and you will neva part'”

To those comments, I just shrug them off as jealousy and more or less the fact they must not be comfortable with what they were naturally given.  And move on. I have received more compliments and support than anything!

It’s been awesome! The best decision I have made so far…

And the saga continues 🙂

Angela Davis Look-Alike?!?


Today my boss told me I look like Angela Davis.

“Well, you don’t really look like her, but your hair looks like her but in a cute way you know,” she says to me.

I just laugh!

She continues “I hope you don’t think it’s a bad thing, I just think it’s sooo adorable. You pull the fro off well, just reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s.”

I just continue to laugh and say “No, it is a compliment, thank you!”

Long Time!!


The style I rocked today. So glad I can do more with my hair!

I don’t post very often…so I guess I’m not a “go-to” blogger! Mainly my blog is my own personal hair journal and a way for me to look back on the growth and the strengths and weaknesses of this process. I was so unsure about going natural in the beginning, but now I realize it was the best decision I have made regarding my hair and my lifestyle. It is so funny how my healthy hair challenge has become the roots of a tree that has spawned branches into other healthy life-style journeys including eating habits and excercise. I have never felt happier and more confident.

Honestly, in order to rock it, you must own it and in order to own it, you must rock it! I am rocking it and owning it and I have become bold and confident because of it. I have learned not to care what other people think of me and my choices. This is my life and I’m living it as best as I can according to the plan and the purpose I was destined to live. I have grown so much as an individual and I am so happy right now and in love with myself 🙂

Anyways…there is my spill! Now fun part! Here are my pictures of my 3 month afro!! I’m pretty darn proud of the growth! You can’t really tell until you do these kinds of comparisons…but I love it! It’s fun and I never have a bad hair day…not even in the rain. I don’t worry about messing up my hair anymore and it’s growing so thick and healthy. OK so here are the pics:

My 3 month 100% natural afro 🙂

The day of my big chop! Compare that to the pic above ❤

This is my hair from the side shortly after the BC

Here is my side shot now 4/22/11

For 6 wks I wore yarn braids. I did them myself! First time ever braiding my hair 🙂

My yarn braids again!

Hope you all njoy! Please let me know if you have any questions 😉
Thanks for stopping by…take care!

Inspiring Sistas


This is my inspiration for the day! These girls are fabulous and I love their style! Check them out…they are sisters and they are FABULOUS!! (I think I said that already)

If I hadn’t already made the decision to go natural, I would’ve after watching this video ❤ ❤ ❤

N.Joy 🙂

First Length Check


Hey Yall,

I’m so excited to do my first real “length check”

My personal goal is to have my hair touch the tip of my nose by July. I really think it is possible.


I was here in December

Length Check

I am now here


Length Check #2

back of my hair length check


NJoy 🙂