I AM NERVOUS AS HELL…but excited too!

In April I decided I wanted to give my hair a break. To do that, I figured I would get a sew-in weave.  About a month later I took the hair out, waited a couple of days and then permed it. My hair was ruined!! It wasn’t the same texture and it had fallen out! I was so upset I had to get it cut in order to start to restore my hair.  The problem was that the person who braided my hair braided it too tight before sewing in the hair and it caused a lot of breakage and damage as a result.

Back in late May, still wanting to give my hair a break, I thought I would chill out on the heat on my hair and roll it more.  I was talking to a friend of mine about my hair and she asked me “so are you going to go natural” and I replied quick, fast and in a hurry “OH GOSH NO!”

Then, ironically, that weekend my boyfriend and I were looking at some family pictures and I saw one of his brother’s wife.

I said to him: She has a beautiful head of hair, just natural and gorgeous

he replies:  yeah, hair grows thick and longer when you aren’t putting so many chemicals in your hair

Me: So what you trying to say? My hair isn’t pretty cause it’s processed?

Him: No, I’m just saying that natural hair tends to be healthier.

I didn’t want to admit it out loud of course, but he did have a point. I had lots of hair when I was younger, but since I started getting relaxers my hair never got pass shoulder length before it would start to break off. Now, I have toyed around with going without a perm for a couple of months just to give my hair some rest but I have never really taken the plunge. I have officially gone 5 weeks without a perm I normally go 4-6 weeks (6 weeks being the max) without a perm. I have been reading so many wonderful stories and inspiring blogs of many beautiful women whom have gone natural and I find it to be so inspiring and very enlightening. I, too have decided to go natural! And I am sooo excited about it.   NERVOUS, but very very excited!

Now, it will be a gradual process as I just don’t see myself doing the BC anytime soon, but I am here and I will be looking for support from all of you wonderful women whom have already started the process; advice about products to use as well as hair styles that don’t require heat and stories of your journey.

So here’s to being natural 🙂

N.Joy ❤


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